Last order date for custom etched items this year is Sunday 11th October 2020.
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Zamzoodled couplings are designed to replicate the chopper (Norwegian) type buffer-couplers as used on many narrow gauge railways. Unlike the prototype all the styles will couple with other. The couplers are supplied with a single chopper for one end only. However on CCRN and CCSQ couplers, if the chopper is raised up out of the way it will couple successfully with another coupler (with chopper), i.e. you can have a chopper at both ends, but this will preclude the use of iron tails for electromagnetic operation on such choppers. Spare choppers available to support this.

The key operational features of the couplers are as follows:

  • They will autocouple reliably as long as the chopper can successfully find the slot on the face of the mating buffer, e.g. possible on slight curves.
  • They will support manual uncoupling via a magnet on a stick acting on an iron wire (supplied) loop in the chopper tip.
  • They will support automatic uncoupling via an under track electromagnet acting on an iron wire (supplied) tail.
  • They can be made to uncouple via DCC, however currently no components are supplied for this.
  • Experiments have shown that delayed uncoupling is also possible using a small latch, however as the optimum shape is yet to be determined there are currently no components supplied for this.

With careful preparation and fitting they should work reliably, however as with most couplers, coupling and uncoupling will work best on straight track.

These are scale model parts not suitable for children. It is assumed the modeller will be reasonably skilled in filing, drilling, soldering etc. Castings are produced in nickel silver which is fairly robust and can be easily blackened. A small amount of cleaning up, fettling, drilling out of holes, etc. should be expected.

Download Zamzoodled instruction sheets and information here:

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