Painting your plates

Before removing them from the fret, flood your plates with the desired colour. We recommend acrylics as they dry quickly and usually cover well, although more than one coat may be needed on larger plates.

Using stiff card (a mount board offcut is ideal) wipe firmly over the surface of the plate to clean off excess paint. For larger plates wait until the paint is touch dry first.

Cut the plates from the fret using a sharp craft knife or scalpel and clean up the remaining tabs with an emery board. Take care as the thin brass can bend if handled roughly.

Fixing your plates

To ensure accurate alignment on your loco, it can help to cut a template from card to place over the cab or tank side. Once you’re happy with the position, apply a drop of varnish or superglue to the loco and place the plate using the cut-out in the template.

Check back soon for another video showing the fitting process.